It could of been a lot worse… Pen Pushers Autumn Challenge Recap Wrap-up

Twenty Pen Pushers  Brave and Strong fought off the rains last week during our Autumn Challenge at Hidden Creek Country Club.

In the end it was said “It could have been a lot worse”  Indeed it could of.  The record for the worst goes back to 2002 where the rain was so bad only 9 holes were played.

Johns in the water

John Sullivan and his partner look like they are having fun J

Up until the very last day we had those that wanted to cancel, but just a word to everyone.  Generally speaking, Pen Pushers have taken the pledge that once an event is scheduled, we play unless the course is closed.  Folks take the day off and plan around it, and we’ve had complaints when we’ve postponed events.

Here are the results: 


 With a total of 16 points, our Goat Boy this month goes to Paul Tierney.

goatboy winner

Hey Paul you look a little wet…


Earlier this month Paul had a premonition of being goat boy.  This picture was taken the weekend after our summer challenge event.  Paul was visiting the goats at the Bluemont Fair.  Paul Your wish came true!


Speaking of Goat Boys….  We have another record this month with Jon Fraim now going 51 events without being goat boy.  He surpasses John Sullivan for this record.  John has proudly held this achievement for the longest run without being goat boy for as long as records have been kept for the Pen Pushers.



This Month Our Putting Champion was Bob Caines.  During the putting the greens were still dry.  The downpour did not start until after the event began on the first hole.  It was a good day to test out all that rain gear.

 Closest to Pin Champ

Kenny Engram won this month’s closest to pin.

closest to pin winner



Finally our Winner this month Also won the Big Dog Long Drive.

Winner Long drive

Congratulations to Jon Fraim!  For all the rain we had he won with 40 points.

Here Jon is enjoying drinking from the Winner’s Chalice.   I think the photographer was a little shaky by this point. Jon had this to say after the event.


Finally we had some birdies this month.  Each scored one birdie except our champion Jon Fraim who  scored two!

Name #
Chris Eller 1
Jon Fraim 2
Brian Hogan 1
Adam Kennedy 1
John Kravatz 1
Gary Pulino 1

Scoring Rundown

Here were all the scores.  For all the rain it wasn’t too bad…

Last Name First Name Stableford Points Finish GP Points Total Birdies
Rogers Mitch 16 20 0 0
Tierney Paul 16 19 0 1
Piliere Frank 18 18 0 0
Ghebre-Michael Haile 18 17 0 0
Brooks Larry 23 16 0 1
Smingler Steve 26 15 1 5
Pulino Gary 26 14 2 4
Hogan Brian 26 13 3 8
Caines Bob 27 12 4 3
Engram Kenny 29 11 5 2
Penmetsa Subash 30 10 6 0
Roney Chuck 31 9 7 1
Sullivan John 32 8 8 2
Eller Chris 32 7 9 2
Kennedy Adam 32 6 10 2
Woods Andy 33 5 11 0
Lopez Pedro 35 4 12 0
Langdon Shane 36 3 13 1
Kravatz John 37 2 14 2
Fraim Jon 40 1 15 8
Winning Score 40      

That about wraps things up this month.  Congratulations to all the winners and to all who survived the rain.  It’s hard to believe it, but next month is our last event of the season.  November is the Turkey Shoot-Out at Raspberry Falls.  This event is scheduled for Wednesday November 12th.  It’s not too early to SIGN UP.  Raspberry Falls is perhaps one of the most beautiful courses we play at.  Especially at this time when all the leave have turned.  This is one of those events that fill up fast so go and Sign up now.  We already have 16 signed up so it’s not too late.

Until next month,  Keep your eye on the ball and Hit-em straight!

Mike Rubin

Pen Pushers Communication

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