Finally Irish Open Happens! Yes No More Snow


Today it happened.  The Irish Open at Landsdown was a Success!

After Lot’s of snow and rescheduling,  16 Men braved the Sunny weather today and made it happen.

The Good News is we get to do this again NEXT WEEK, Wednesday  April 16th  AT BULL RUN!

Before we get to today’s winner, Why not CLICK HERE to register for next week’s outing.  We have 24 reserved spaces and we need to fill them all!

During the award ceremony, we gave out awards for last year.

First here are the Stats from Last Year:

Pen Pushers Golf Society
2013 Total Year Awards 1st Place # 2nd Place # 3rd Place #
Golfer of the Year Michael Moody Kenny Engram Brian Hogan
Total Best 5 Stableford Scores Michael Moody 198 Kenny Engram 192 Brian Hogan John Sullivan 188
Total Best 5 Grand Prix Scores Michael Moody 35.6 Brian Hogan 34.7 Kenny Engram 34
Highest Average Finish w/ 5 events Michael Moody Brian Hogan 6.6 Paul Tierney 7.2 Kenny Engram 7.3
Highest Total Stableford Points Michael Moody 320 Brian Hogan 312 Jon Fraim 303
Highest Total Grand Prix Points Michael Moody Brian Hogan 85 John Sullivan 72
Total Wins Michael Moody 2
Total Birdies Michael Moody 10 Jon Fraim 9 Brian Hogan 8
Big Dog Jon Fraim 4 Gary Pulino 2
Mean Green Machine Steve Smingler 3 Michael Moody 2
Putting Master Jon Fraim 2
Most Events Attended Jon Fraim Michael Moody John Sullivan Brian Hogan Steve Smingler 9 John Kravatz Gary Vanderheiden 8 Kenny Engram Gary Pulino Ziki Zuck
Most Improved Kenny Engram John Kravatz


Here are the Awards!

Award Name Winner
Tour Champion Mike Moody
Birdie Master Fraim and Moody
Mean Green Machine Steve Smingler
Putting Master Jon Fraim
Big Dog – Long Drive Jon Fraim
Most Improved Kenny Engram
Eagle Awards Brooks, Fraim, Newell
Perfect Attendence (9 Events) Moody, Fraim, Sullivan, Hogan, Smingler



Congratulations to our 2013 Tour Champion Mike Moody!
 2013 golfer of year
Now For TODAY’s Winners
Closest To Pin
Steve Smingler
Long Drive
John Sullivan
Putting Champion
Subash Penmetsa
Goat Boy
Chuck Roney
Kenny Engram
 Irish Open Winner 2014
So where are all the pictures!  That is what everyone is asking…..
Go to our new Pen Pushers Posting Site on Flickr.
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Flickr Pictures
Be sure to start using this site to post pictures during the round from your phone!  Make Sure you  comment on today’s pictures.
Sullivan Special Thanks
 John Sullivan Received Special Thanks for all his hard work over the years!
Thanks John!

Finally,  Go right now and sign up for next week’s Event!  It will be LOTS OF FUN!

Thanks and see everyone next week.

Mike Rubin

Pen Pusher of America Communications


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